Excellent DLG wing servo

- Ideal for F3K and all small models that require excellent precision, massive holding torque, and adequate speed.
- The best 8.5mm thick servo ever produced.
- Beautiful CNC aluminium alloy case adds rigidity and crash resistance to the servo.
- The gears are pre-loaded to remove all slop or backlash from the geartrain, allowing a level of precision unequalled by other manufacturers.

  Torque (4.8V):  1.85 kg-cm / 25.7 oz-in

  Torque (6.0V):  2.20 kg-cm / 30.6 oz-in

  Speed:  0.203 s (4.8V) / 0.154 s (6.0V)

  Weight:  6.5 g  (0.22 oz)

Dimension:22 x 8.5 x 15 mm

Torque (kg-cm) 1.85 (4.8V) / 2.20 (6.0V)
Working Voltage 4.8V ~ 7.0V DC Volts
Dead Band 0.001 ms (Default)
Speed 0.203 s (4.8V) / 0.154 s (6.0V)
Gear Metal Alloy Gear
Working Frequency 1520μs / 333Hz
Bearing 2x Ball Bearing
Motor Coreless Motor


  • Product Code: S0015007

Tags: gliders